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WILLIAM YQK" HTJMBOLBT.                 19
leisure, time,  and no  compulsion forces a positive
application of it, much, time would be lost."
Under such, auspices, Humboldt entered upon Ms
diplomatic career. He was made a chamberlain, and
was appointed privy councillor of legation, and resi-
dent minister at the papal court, and departed for his
post, in the autumn of 1802, accompanied by his
whole family.
But he did not depart without having taken leave
of the friends of his heart. In Halle he visited
Wolf; in Weimar, Goethe and Schiller. He also took
with him a young philologian. Dr. Biemer, as tutor to
his children.
He did not then imagine that he should not see
Schiller again, for the latter was now afc the zenith of
his activity. The friends conversed much of Borne,
and Schiller imparted to him a plan for a history of
Borne, which he was deferring to days when the
poetic inspiration might perhaps have left him.
Filled with such impressions and ideas, Humboldt
with his family crossed the Alps.